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What is Nutritional Medicine? It's Food for Thought!

"Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all disease"

Linus Pauling, Two Times Nobel Prize Winner

Nutritional Medicine (also known as Nutritional Therapy) uses nutrition science to develop health-enhancing dietary and lifestyle practices to promote and support optimum health and well-being. This means that by re-evaluating what you eat and drink, you can dramatically improve your health and wellness. Even making a few small changes to your daily routine can exert a major impact on your mental and physical well-being. Nutritional Medicine identifies nutritional and metabolic imbalances and determines how these contribute to your health concerns. By targeting these imbalances through dietary and lifestyle measures, Nutritional Medicine addresses the root cause of your health problems and supports the body back to optimum health and wellness. 

You are unique and therefore your nutrition and lifestyle programme is unique. In Nutritional Medicine, there is no "one size fits all" approach but an individualised and tailored programme personalised to your exact health requirements. 


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