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Juliet Schaffer, BSc. Nutritional Medicine, BA Hons., DipM, mBANT, CNHC

I undertook my clinical training at the highly regarded University of West London, and after five years of study, qualified with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine. Prior to setting up Evolve Nutrition, I worked as a Senior Key Account Manager in the Commercial Department of a multinational organisation after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Salford, Greater Manchester. This career path involved extensive international travel and top-flight business negotiations.When I decided to start a family, I acquired a keen interest in the importance of nutrition to promote a healthy pregnancy. The birth of our two children consolidated my interest in this field, and inspired me to pursue a degree course in Nutritional Medicine.

My knowledge has proven invaluable in supporting my family's health in terms of food intolerances, autoimmune disorders including hypo- and hyperthyroidism (Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves' Disease) and Type II diabetes.

With over 14  years of clinical experience, I run a busy practice supporting clients with wide- ranging health conditions including digestive disorders, thyroid disease, fatigue issues, diabetes, perimenopause, and endometriosis and PCOS which are manifesting ever more frequently as female health challenges. My client testimonials shown on "The Testimonials" page are evidence of my far-reaching success in clinic.


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