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Client Testimonials

After years of suffering with IBS and other food related concerns a friend suggested that I contact Juliet. Before we met, she enquired about my health history which she then used to understand exactly why I was displaying so many distressing symptoms. During our first meeting she immediately put me at ease and I felt very comfortable talking to her about my worries and concerns about my health. Juliet helped me to understand why I was feeling so ill and why my body was rejecting food so frequently. She reassured me that, just by making a few changes, I would feel better soon. Juliet talked me thorough all my medical results, including blood test results and advised me about what steps to take to improve my health. Juliet is knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and empathetic. She has been invaluable in my return to good health. I now have a greater understanding of my body’s needs and how these needs can be met. Juliet has a holistic approach and she tailors her support to meet the needs of every individual. Thank you Juliet for your continued guidance.V.T., Hertfordshire Juliet came recommended to me and when I had my first consultation at the start of the Summer, I presented her with a "cocktail" of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Perhaps my biggest issue was what I described as feeling like a 45 year old trapped in an old person's body. Every morning I would physically struggle to get out of bed and quite simply, my body just hurt. Similarly, getting from the floor to standing always came with a creak and a groan! Juliet seemed unphased with my myriad of ailments and we set to work.
I have to say that the suggestions and tweaks that she made to my diet have, over a few short months, made an incredible difference - I now feel better than I have done in years.  I am eternally grateful for the introduction to fabulous Juliet.
Katie N, Essex

Juliet provided me with exemplary advice and support at a time when I was experiencing extreme stress and bullying at work. I was suffering from heart palpitations and what I can only describe as a ‘shaking feeling’. Juliet advised on my nutritional intake and recommended supplements to support my adrenals. She also explained to me about my rollercoaster cortisol levels brought about by my reliance on ‘sugar fixes’ as my comfort to get me through what were both exhausting and emotional days.
My GP had simply recommended anti-depressants which would have done nothing positive at the time to help support my body through a terribly traumatic period. Through Juliet’s explanations, advice, guidance, and limitless patience, I found that for the first time in my life (which is incredible as I have been on this planet for 50 years!) I am more aware of my body’s nutritional needs. I now eat well and am more energised. I am particularly selective in my snack intake and through actually not too great an effort ensure I have well balanced meals throughout the day. I find Juliet very approachable and 100% committed to her clients. As a solicitor I have met many very intelligent colleagues but I hold Juliet as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in her field. He method of conveying information in simple and achievable goals certainly makes her stand out from the rest and I have no hesitation in recommending her services. 
L Wilson, Yorkshire

I first went to see Juliet as I was suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. Having tried pretty much everything else, I thought that nutrition may well be the answer. I was also keen to lose some weight (in a healthy way) and I am also a coeliac so it’s important that I eat the right foods which I knew Juliet could help with that. I went to see Juliet for my appointment and she was incredibly thorough, extremely knowledgeable and really introduced me to a whole new way of eating. It made me see why lots of the ‘diets’ I had done in the past hadn’t worked and why I hadn’t actually felt good at the time. She really educated me on the right way to eat and I really hoped that this would clear my headaches and migraines too.
Nearly 2 years on from my first appointment with Juliet and I now rarely suffer with headaches and migraines. I feel healthier, have tonnes of energy, now go to the gym regularly and enjoy it due to my increased energy, I have lost 2 stone and I really understand now how to eat properly. The food that I eat now is healthy but tasty too, I never feel like I ‘miss out’ and still enjoy the odd treat too. I am so thankful that I met Juliet and I recommend her to absolutely everyone I meet!
Angela W, Hertfordshire

I approached Juliet to help me try to combat once and for all my poor eating habits, my addiction to heavy carbs and my continued obesity and sluggish after-lunch slump!  I have been overwhelmed by the care that Juliet has shown since my first appointment. She is a living example of the transformation that truly healthy eating can bring and she has gently but firmly shown my husband and me how to make the changes necessary to eat a much better diet.  Having become a familiar friend of every diet in the book and gained and lost weight time and time again throughout my life, I know have a sense that for the first time I truly understand real food and the nightmare caused by cooking from sauce jars, piling in the pasta, breads, cereals and snacks. 
My husband and I are stunned at the impact that our change of diet has made. My husband has type II diabetes and for the past seven years, medication has been unable to stabilise his sugar readings despite all the medication. Once we got into the groove with this new eating regime, his sugars have dropped dramatically and he is bright, alert and not falling asleep at the drop of a hat.
Juliet is so warm, unbelievably knowledgeable and encouraging. I have recommended her to friends and will go on to do so time and again. I cannot recommend Juliet highly enough.
Tana S, Essex

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis some months ago and sought Juliet's guidance on diet. She was extremely professional and thorough in her approach, building up a detailed profile before working out a nutritional health plan for me. She was careful to explain why certain foods were better for me than others and was encouraging and positive in her approach. Her advice has been invaluable. Not only am I fit and well, but my blood pressure, which was on the high side, has come down too.
I would highly recommend Juliet if you are seeking help with nutrition tailored to your specific needs.
Carol H, Essex

I have had Lupus SLE for the last 35yrs, I had a acute attack 4yrs ago which coincided with the menopause. I had severe IBS, joint pains, extreme exhaustion, migraine headaches, and hot flushes day and night. It completely wiped me out. Conventional medicine was helpful but it was like having a sticking plaster on a wound.
I was desperate, and so without recommendation I researched nutritional health and came across Juliet, what a find!
Juliet completely transformed my diet explaining the science behind it, and  over time I realised that I felt so much better with more energy, no brain fog and mentally and physically I felt able to cope. I now have my life back. My journey is continuing it takes a while, but bit by bit Juliet is putting a healthier me back together. Her enthusiasm and energy is unbelievable, nothing is too much trouble, she is a tonic and gives you the confidence you need to go forward.
Wendy F, Hertfordshire

I can’t thank Juliet enough for supporting me in my journey to become more healthy and lose weight.  I first went to her on recommendation by a friend when I was feeling down, fat and exhausted, with other health symptoms that were irritating .  After a very detailed analysis of my individual situation, she came up with a food plan that worked for me. She explained all the reasons why certain food groups were good or bad and we negotiated a structure that would fit around my busy life style.  To date I have lost over 2 stone, feel so much happier and healthier, with many of my symptoms vanishing or diminishing.  Juliet has support and encouraged me along the way, and is a very responsive and extremely experienced and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend her to others without hesitation.
Laura H, Hertfordshire

I have been suffering for many years with IBS, fibromyalgia, debilitating daily migraines, high liver enzymes and last year had to have major surgery for a large parathyroid tumour and a total thyroidectomy due to a number of nodules found. Even though l was on a very healthy diet l could not understand why l always felt so poorly.
I have been seeing Juliet for six months and she has worked miracles. Her knowledge, professionalism and passion for nutritional health has transformed the way l now feel.
Through various blood tests and detailed functional thyroid testing. Juliet has devised a specific nutrition plan for me which suits me perfectly. I had a very high bilirubin count in my liver and all my doctors said l had Gilbert's Syndrome. However, since I've been following Juliet's nutrition guidelines, my bilirubin count has gone from exceptionally high to normal as it appears that the raised level was caused by eating foods which didn't agree with me.  In addition, my migraines have practically disappeared due to a change in my thyroid medication away from the synthetic GP prescribed Levothyroxine drug (the fillers made me very ill) to a natural hormone replacement formula.
With Juliet's exceptional understanding and knowledge of how nutrition can naturally help the healing process, and also her dedicated support throughout, she is truly remarkable.  I have since recommended her to a number of my friends who have needed support in the area of food nutrition. She's the best!
Jo T, Essex

I first met Juliet at a workshop, where she gave a very inspiring talk on wellness and its link to nutrition specifically.  Every word Juliet spoke struck a chord with me and I knew I would benefit hugely by arranging a consultation with her. We are currently working to reduce my raised bilirubin levels as well as heavy metal toxicity which Juliet was able to uncover due to her meticulous attention to detail. Juliet has a wealth of knowledge and I have every faith in her approach to my personalised path to optimal health. Juliet has a warm manner that puts me completely at ease.  I feel very fortunate to have met her, it is not everyday you get the opportunity to meet an expert who looks at whole health from a holistic perspective. 
Louise G, Hertfordshire

I have had digestive issues for many years now. I went to visit Juliet on my wife's recommendation, whom had only positive things to say about her service. I found Juliet to be very professional and immediately put me at ease. She had thoroughly investigated my symptoms and had numerous ideas for improvements. Some eight weeks later I can say my digestive system is close to 100%! Thank you Juliet!
Shaun G, Hertfordshire 

After dealing with years of pain, tiredness and trips in and out of hospital to be told that I was suffering with severe IBS and there was nothing that could be done about it, Juliet was my ray of light. After the first consultation I had hope that I could turn my life around. As the months passed, with Juliet's guidance, I found out I had specific food intolerances. By avoiding these foods and with Juliet steering me towards delicious and nutritious alternatives, my energy levels rose, pain decreased and my overall health has improved. I can now get on with my life and I know if I have any questions she is there to help.
Jessika D, Essex

I first started seeing Juliet a couple of years ago upon a recommendation of a friend who had experienced a dramatic improvement in her arthritis symptoms under Juliet's guidance.
I didn't have any specific health complaints myself but at the age of 42 years, I felt I wanted to optimise my diet to support my current and future health. Having worked with Juliet for 2 years now I can honestly say that I feel so much better. The nutrition plan she has devised for me is easy to integrate into my busy lifestyle and she has provided plenty of product and recipe suggestions to keep my diet interesting and delicious. I have lost over 2 stone in weight, which has been very welcome, I have much more energy to support my hectic career, and my PMS symptoms have disappeared. I am continuing to work with Juliet to support my future health. Thank you so much!
Dee C, Dorset

I consulted Juliet at Evolve Nutrition because I was told by my GP that I had dangerously high liver enzymes and that I was at risk of liver disease. This really worried me and I knew that I had to take some action. With Juliet’s expert guidance, I changed my diet to exclude foods which taxed my liver and introduced foods to nourish my liver back to health. Her guidelines were easy to follow and delicious!  Within 8 weeks, when I retested my liver enzymes, these had dramatically improved, so much so that my GP said that he no longer needed to monitor them because I was no longer at risk of liver disease. I am delighted by the service Juliet offered which is knowledgeable, and friendly and she exhibits a genuine concern for your welfare. I recommend Juliet to all my family and friends and would urge anyone and everyone to have a consultation with Juliet to address a specific health problem or simply to optimise your health. Thank you Juliet for giving me back my health.
Graham P, Essex

When I was made redundant I was depressed, grazing on fatty/sweet foods throughout the day, with no routine in place.  Unfortunately at the same time I tore my hamstring and used crutches to move.... extra 'rubbish' food and no exercise meant I put on weight quickly.  Even when my hamstring repaired, I was too heavy to walk properly, and my arthritis was extremely painful.  I also suffered embarrassing  diarrhoea.  My GP arranged blood tests.
After a consultation with Juliet she suggested a specific nutrition plan, adding in nutritious foods that would satisfy and sustain me.  The new regime highlighted the bad habits I had got into - and I realised that I actually prefer the taste of 'proper' food that has not been processed (and will always continue with my morning blended shake).  My mobility is improved, the pain is far less and I no longer have to rush to the loo! As I continue with Juliet, I am confident that my health will only improve
Janette H, Essex

Approaching middle age, my long-running monthly migraine symptoms became much worse, leading to a new sensation of dizziness and disorientation. Added to that, joint pain was an issue but more unsettling was my heart's irregularity and frequent palpitations. Visits to the GP and cardiologist found no root cause for any ailment and anti-depressants and beta blockers seemed a possible, though unwelcome, solution
A friend mentioned seeking nutritional advice and from my initial phone contact with Juliet I felt optimistic that I was on a path to recovery. Juliet identified my nutritional status (which was lacking) and also my food intolerances. I needed to learn a new diet but with Juliet's clear guidance at each appointment and emails in-between, I felt really supported. My feeling of well-being has increased dramatically, my symptoms have improved tremendously and I have a new-found confidence. I lost 2 stone into the bargain without even trying. I can't thank Juliet enough.
Debbie D, Hertfordshire

I have been suffering with nodules on my thyroid gland for over 5 years which caused permanent discomfort, difficulty in breathing and lethargy.
I consulted Juliet to address these health symptoms and improve my general feeling of well-being. Juliet has shown immense professionalism and knowledge of my medical condition and has explained clearly and precisely how my thyroid dysfunction and my resulting symptoms are affected by my diet and lifestyle. With her methodical approach, testing and on-going supervision, I have learnt so much about how I can eradicate my symptoms through good nutrition and lifestyle management.
Since consulting Juliet I feel a whole lot better, my thyroid is no longer causing me pain and I do not suffer from restricted breathing. In addition I have lost weight and feel much more energised.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Juliet as she is genuine and caring, always showing dedication and professionalism, but mainly because she treats my personal health circumstances as if they were her own with the same level of concern, attention and dedication to making a difference, ensuring that I fully understand and engage with the road to optimum health. Juliet, for that I thank you!
Jenny T, Nicosia, Cyprus

Once in a life time someone comes into your life and really does became your health angel!
After being told that I had severe arthritis and no alternative than to have many joints operated on, and told to lose weight, the age of 64 really did seem unwelcome!
Then I met Juliet Schaffer.....she suggested I remove certain inflammatory foods from my diet and advised of good nutritious replacements to benefit my health. I asked what results I should expect as I was due to have another major operation that would fuse my neck and shoulders to prevent the pain I was suffering. Her answer, which I now realise was cautious in order not to build up my hopes, was that at least I would feel better in preparation for the pending surgery........I would feel better were magic words. Blood tests were carried out by my GP with shocking results of high inflammatory markers in my blood...a count of 57!  Within 10 days of my new diet this was reduced to 7!!! Pain stopped, pain medication ceased, weight disappeared and joint movement improved. 2 years on, I am 2 stone lighter, fighting fit and pain free...........and, incidentally, the planned operation to my neck was cancelled due to it no longer being necessary! The care and support given at all times is a dependable factor with Juliet. Her knowledge of nutrition and ongoing learning of health issues is unsurpassed. Evolve cares for you and your well-being.
With thanks as always
Anita G, Essex
My daughter has had problems with her diet for quite some time. She can not tolerate wheat, lactose and sugar and was totally fed up with her limited diet and she had also lost weight.
We were thinking of finding a nutritionist when I got talking about having such a restricted diet with a lady whilst food shopping. We had quite a chat and she told me that she had been seeing a nutritionist and that she had been of great help to her. She recommended Juliet at Evolve Nutrition. 
Juliet has a very professional approach to her work and she has an extensive knowledge of her subject. She always listens to what we have to say and knows exactly what to do to solve problems.
Juliet has been very helpful in improving my daughter's diet. It has been difficult for us to find things that my daughter can tolerate and like. Juliet suggested trying some new foods that we hadn't thought of to make her diet more nutritious. She also encouraged my daughter to have nuts for snacks between meals.
Since seeing Juliet and following her recommendations, my daughter has managed to put on half a stone in weight and has felt better in herself. 
We have been very pleased with the help, advice and support that Juliet has given us and I would definitely recommend Juliet to anyone. Whatever problem you are having with your health, I am sure that Juliet would be able to help you.
Lynda M, Hertfordshire

I first went along to see Juliet in November 2015, she was recommended to me by a friend.  I had been suffering with muscular aches, joint pain and was always feeling lethargic.  I also suffered from IBS and bloating. I was regularly seeing my doctor and chiropractor but to no avail, any solutions provided would only work temporarily.
Juliet recommended a change of diet, in particular cutting out gluten.  I was very sceptical at first, and found the change quite difficult as I had to prepare and cook meals from scratch, and didn’t always have the energy to do this.  However, five months on, I’d never touch gluten again!  My muscular problems have completely disappeared and I have so much more energy.  My IBS has also improved, I no longer suffer from bloating, and Juliet and I are continuing to work on my other symptoms relating to this.  I am happy to say that other minor ailments (that I wasn’t too concerned about) have also disappeared as a result of changing my diet.  I also lost a stone in weight, which again was an added bonus!
Juliet is very approachable, and what I find fantastic is that she always responds to my emails with answers to the many questions I have.  I feel fitter and stronger than I have done in years, and I would highly recommend that if you are suffering with your health in some way that you contact Juliet.
Sinead K, Hertfordshire

In October 2014 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees which prompted me to take a close look at my diet and make some positive changes.  I also had the condition carpel tunnel for a couple of years, sensitive dry eyes, underarm rash for 14 years and sensations in my skin which felt like pin pricks. 
 I was recommended to Juliet by one of her clients who also was suffering from carpel tunnel and chronic arthritis which affected her mobility.  After she followed Juliet’s treatment for a few weeks she experienced tremendous improvement in her symptoms and regained full mobility.  As her conditions mirrored my own main concerns of arthritis and carpel tunnel I decided last year to contact Juliet for treatment. 
With Juliet’s expertise in nutritional medicine she recommended a Nutritional Health Food Plan together with food supplements for me.  After a number of weeks of following her recommendations I quickly experienced relief from most of my symptoms.  I continue to benefit from improvements in my health issues.
 I find Juliet to be a very professional, caring, sympathetic and friendly practitioner to work with.  I feel comfortable approaching her with any concern I have and she always respond in a very empathetic and positive way. She continues to provide me with valued advice using her nutritional medicine expertise.
 I highly recommend Juliet to you if you are looking for a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner who has proved to have made an enormous difference in my health and well being.
Gem L, London

Juliet has been a huge help to me during my gruelling cancer treatment.  I truly believe that with the support, advice and education provided by Juliet my body has been better able to cope with the toxic effects of chemotherapy, enabling me to bounce back far quicker than anticipated following treatment.  Juliet is clearly extremely knowledgeable and has inspired me to explore how we can use food to heal our bodies. Further, she is extremely ethical in her approach; as she carries out her own research into how any supplements may effect my specific drug regime and requests I seek approval from my oncologist for any recommendations she makes.  Juliet provides exciting and interesting recipes for me to try, which are delicious and healthy, but she also looks at the practicalities of fitting good food choices in with my lifestyle. I cannot recommend her highly enough, particularly for those who are dealing with ill health.
Clare G, Hertfordshire

Juliet had been recommended to me by another business owner. I met Juliet and it was clear very quickly that she was very knowledgeable about her subject. I have been able to resolve a number of the food intolerance issues I had and feel so much better after taking Juliet's advice. In addition I have lost a lot of weight and feel happier and healthier as a result. Juliet is someone I wished I had met years ago, I am glad I have found her and have already recommended her to friends and colleagues. I would have no hesitation is saying she is an excellent nutritionist.
Kerry M, Essex

I had felt “under the weather” for quite a while, aching joints, lethargic, digestive problems, I put it down to my age and getting close to menopause, but when I read about nutritional therapy I decided to find out more. After my first consultation with Juliet it all made perfect sense, she explained all the science so well that I really wanted to give it a go, change my diet etc., I felt like I was taking back control of my body  and I immediately felt better. I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Juliet if you want great results.
Sally J, Essex

I had felt increasingly unwell for a number of months before eventually making an appointment to see Juliet. Aching joints, tiredness, lethargy, indigestion, and bloating were all easily accounted for by the fact that I am getting older. A raft of blood tests showed that I was healthy, so why did I feel so awful? It was a recommendation from my physiotherapist that put me in touch with Juliet. I had approached our meeting with some trepidation as I felt that I had a reasonably healthy diet and I was not given to "faddish" food trends. How wrong I was.After our first meeting I felt that I was beginning to understand my body better and was relieved to find that by making some adjustments to my diet I could relieve what seemed to me to be totally unconnected symptoms. Within ten days of adopting a revised eating plan I felt so well, probably better than I had felt for years. Juliet's approach was both informative and inclusive; any changes to my diet were negotiated. She not only provided the scientific reasons for the cause of my symptoms, but also the tools to manage them. Notes summarising our meetings, comprehensive eating plans, recipe suggestions, suppliers of certain products and reading materials were accompanied by emails following up appointments. I have felt totally supported throughout my programme and feel better equipped to take a pro-active role in my health. I now understand that you truly are what you eat.
Annette C, Essex

Consulting Evolve Nutrition is one of the best decisions I have ever made. By adopting the prescribed dietary changes and taking regular exercise, I lost an incredible 3 stone in 3 months. I've tried many fad diets over the years but they were very hard to stick to and ultimately any weight I lost came back on very quickly. The difference this time round is that I have adopted Juliet's recommendations as a lifestyle change not a diet. I am enjoying my food more than ever and have been amazed at how great I feel. The specific condition for which I consulted Juliet has disappeared and in addition I have masses of energy. I wish I had done this 20 years ago and highly recommend a visit to Evolve Nutrition. It will change your life!
Peter W, Essex

Juliet gave me so much information and was very knowledgeable, and listened to everything I had to say before encouraging me to implement the necessary changes. Her manner was warm and sympathetic, but she also got the job done swiftly and efficiently. The nutrition plan that Juliet gave me was beneficial to my inflammatory joints and I have seen a great effect on the quality of sleep I now get. I have learnt so much about foods which are good for me and ones to avoid. Juliet has been so helpful and provided great results and everyone has been asking for her details.
Helen R, Essex

Before I sought nutritional advice from Juliet, I suffered from debilitating daily headaches and monthly migraine attacks which were completely incapacitating. I was taking multiple prescription medications for these symptoms which didn't really help and had many unwelcome side effects. When I consulted Juliet, I had given up hope of ever finding a resolution to my symptoms and felt that I was destined to suffer for life. I am very pleased to say that I was very wrong! Juliet explained to me how blood sugar dysregulation and poor and incompatible food choices can cause headache and migraines. Through introducing a regular eating pattern, omitting certain food groups and introducing new foods, I have succeeded in freeing myself of my daily headaches and monthly migraine episodes.I no longer have the need to take my prescription medication and I feel 100% better.I thoroughly recommend Juliet's nutritional advice.
Susie B, Hertfordshire


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